Top Akufo-Addo Supporter Threaten Judges


….Delta Force Fined GH¢31, 200

Akufo-Addo supporter, Kwame A-Plus, has descended heavily on the nation’s judges calling them “fucking cowards”.

Fearing no one, the Comedian and musician, warned judges and politicians, they would soon be chased out of the country, daring them to arrest him immediately.

“One day we the people will run after all you judges and politicians and take back our country. Come and arrest me. You can’t arrest people who have stolen from this country for decades. You can arrest Kwame A Plus. Fucking cowards!!!!” he said in a facebook post.

His outburst, followed the Circuit Court’s refusal to grant bail to members of the Delta Force, after they were arrested for attacking the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator, George Adjei.

The 13 members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) vigilante group, Delta Force, who escaped from lawful custody were yesterday fined a total of GH¢31,200 by a Kumasi Circuit court.

The Circuit Court presided over by Justice Ekow Mensah, fined each of the 13 Delta Force members 200 penalty units, which translates into GH¢2, 400 in default spend three years in prison for escaping from the court after they were remanded.

Additionally, the suspects have been made to sign a bond of good behavior for six months, failure for which will attract a 2-year jail term.

Present in court was the founder of the violent vigilante group, the Ashanti regional NPP Chairman, Bernard Antwi Boasiako, alias “Chairman Wontumi”.

They are also to sign a bond of good behavior and live that behaviour for a period of six months or in default serve two years jail term.

The 13, Kojo Fosu, Kojo Bamba Awal Sadat Abubakar, Abubakar Sadiq Abuhammed, Jamil Issa, Hmaza Mohammed, Salu Issahak, Akwasi Owusu, Kwabena Owusu, Kofi Kyei, Eggya Boadi, Salu Yussif, Yussif Salu and Kwaku Awortwe, had been standing trial for attacking Mr Adjei who was appointed by the president, Nana Akufo-Addo. Their council, Gary Marfo Nimako, pleaded for bail but was denied.

The 13 Delta Force members were facing charges of conspiracy to assault for raiding the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council and assaulting Mr. Adjei, because they were against his appointment.

The court said, it was lenient with the 13, because they were first time offenders and also because they surrendered themselves to the police and thereby saved the time in going to look for them.

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) court, also said it took into consideration their guilty plea, which also saved the court the time of going through an entire trial.

But already, questions are being raised about the appropriateness of the fine compared to the Montie trio, who were fined Ghc10, 000 each and a four month prison sentence for commenting on a matter that was yet to be determined by the Supreme Court.

The owners of Montie FM, Network Broadcasting Company were also fined Gh¢30, 000 by the Supreme Court. In addition to that, Mr. Harry Zakkour’s company, Zeze which owns the Montie FM frequency, was made to pay a Ghc30, 000 fine.

The question on the lips of many is that, does the law look at faces, especially so when many, including law lecturer Kwaku Azar, who is a member of the governing party, and IMANI’s vice president, Kofi Bentil, had described the latest action as more dangerous than what the Montie trio were reported to have said?

Ahead of yesterday’s judgment, the artiste, privately known as Kwame Asare Obeng, sent out the insults and threats last week, declaring his support for the group whose action was widely condemned.

According to him, if the presiding judge, Justice Mary Senkyere, had granted the group bail after they reported themselves to the Police, the last Thursday incident, with irate members of the group storming the courtroom to free their errant colleagues, who had been ordered to be held in prison custody, wouldn’t have happened.

The strongly built men hit the front pages when they stormed the premises of the court insulting and threatening everybody. Their action has been condemned widely by many, including the United Nations (UN).

The police later arrested the eight and charged them for aiding in the escape of the remanded prisoners.

Kwame A-Plus’ April 8, 2017 post, which attracted several comments for and against, read in parts “This country does not belong to a group who won an election. This country does not belong to the Ghana Bar Association.

This country called Ghana does not belong to politicians. It belongs to everybody who is legally classified Ghanaian. The law says that even drug addicts must be granted bail because they are innocent until proven guilty. You declare people wanted. They report themselves to the police station.

You ask them to report to the police station every day. They abide. You take the case to court. They appear. Their lawyer and the state prosecutor plead with the judge to grant them bail. The judge says no. They must be remanded. Like how? So that what?”

A Plus who campaigned heavily for the now president said, he would continue to fight for a just course and will not allow himself to be intimidated by people who say they have studied law at Makola.

He maintains, Ghana was built on freedom and justice not freedom of emotions and feelings. And when you talk the judges will say the law belongs to them.

“I’m making it very clear to everyone!!! This country was built on FREEDOM AND JUSTICE. Not freedom and feeling. Not Freedom and emotions. You can’t take peoples freedom just because you went to Makola to study law.

I support the Delta force 100%. HOW many times do we hear politicians and their families are put before the law like they do to the poor man? ”, he said

In another post the following day, the musician continued his crusade to speak against what he said was oppressors. He said he will fight for the ordinary citizen until he is declared a hero.

“The ANC was a once terrorist group led by Nelson Mandela. When the people stand up against oppression, they are tagged terrorist and rebels. If they don’t give up and fight till they achieve their goals they are called heroes.

I’ll fight for the freedom and liberation of the ordinary Ghanaian till the ordinary man calls me a hero. If I die on the way… my people don’t give up. Keep fighting till you see real freedom. Those who fight will die. Those who don’t fight will die. Just die for a good cause”, concluded.



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