A Call For Sincerity From the Electoral Commission.

EC Chairperson, Jean Mensa EC Chairperson, Jean Mensa

Events, following the 2020 general elections, have exposed the insincerity in the election management body to favour one candidate over the others.

While,no one is expecting the Electoral Commission to score 100percent, the commission's inefficient handling of issues, especially the figures being churn out after the declaration, has left many wondering, whether those heading the commission are up to the task.The commissioners, do not appreciate where the country is coming from, we have had disputed elections, as recent as 2012, but the 2016 election, was expected to mark the turning point in setting the stage for holding a free,fair and transparent elections.For instance, during the declaration, the figures the chairperson, Jean Mensa read were fraught with irregularities, subsequent attempts to correct same,was also full of inaccuracies. It took the vigilance of well meaning Ghanaians to point it out to the commission.Charlotte Osei, who had done a good job, continued from where her predecessor, Kwadwo Afari Djan had left off, recent happenings only reinforce the position many held back then that,she was forced out ostensibly to bring in their person,who will turn a blind eye, when they are rigging the election.

A thorough and fair assessment of the activities of the commission under Jean Mensa,will show that she is not fit for purpose.The country after eight elections, is expected to get better not worse.This newspaper is of the considered opinion that the commission, owes Ghanaians an apology, because an institution as strategic as the commission,does not have a luxury of making unpardonable and avoidable mistakes.Emotions are at stake, lossing an election is not an easy thing to take in, so everything humanly possible must be done to reduce incidence that will call into question the whole process.

There must be a purpose on the part of the commissioners to ensure a transparent process,given all the parties the opportunity to be part of the process,so not to feel cheated and done by.

The 2020 election,is the lowest we have sunk as a country after the 1992 election.

We demand sincerity from those put in charge of the commission.

Source: www.theheraldghana.com