All Eyes On The High Court As Kenedy Agpyapong Is Cited For Contempt

All Eyes On The High Court All Eyes On The High Court

To say that the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, has become an enigma on the conscience of the nation is to state the obvious.

He is a man without a character and so is very difficult to characterize him, except to say he represents everything that is not good for the cohesion of a nation.

It is on record that Ken is the first and perhaps only politician, who has insulted and leveled allegations on all the leading lights in this country, including our revered chiefs. His acerbic tongue knows no boundary, once you get in his way, he will not spare you.

Kennedy Agyapong took his utter sat on Net 2, a television station, he owns and descended on a judge whom he revealed had wrongfully granted an injunction against him without due diligence.

According to him the reason why I am angry. The lawyer wrote the thing on August 5, and the judge scheduled appearance on August 13. I didn't get anything from them; then on September 1, you granted an injunction on the property. You are a foolish judge; I will face you. You are a stupid judge. 18 years that I've had the land nobody served me and then I get called and told that an injunction has been placed on it. You are a foolish judge."

His outburst, which has been received with outright condemnation, has caused the judge to bring contempt charges against him. Ghanaians are waiting to see, the outcome of the contempt, when he appears in court on Monday, September, 14.

The frequency with which he attacks the character and record of other people, is nauseating. This time he has called for a fight bigger than him.

When the Montie three (3), were cited for contempt, their pleas were not taken, the apology they issued was not accepted either, not only were they fine, but they were sentence to four months imprisonment and the owners of the radio station fine, as well.

This newspaper is of the considered opinion that, Kennedy Agpyapong is suffering from the omniscience complex. He is a man full of himself to the point of narcissism.

It is the hope of this newspaper, that, the contempt charges brought against him will bring to an end, his rabid behavior, which has led to the death of a journalist with Tiger Eye PI, Ahmed Hussein Suale.