Are We Ever Prepared For The Rains?

The Rains The Rains

The impact of flooding in Accra and other parts of the country, especially the northern part, is really devastating to say the least.

As a country, we are not oblivious of the perennial consequences caused by flooding. Every year, the rains will come, people will drown, lives will be lost and properties destroy.

With the advent of social media, it is not uncommon these days to wake up to videos and photos of people whose homes are flooded calling for help.

Typical of us, we will be emotional, sympathize and in some cases empathize with the victims, the government will make promises to the effect that, it was the last time such a phenomenon will occur, we will go back to sleep, as if nothing happened and wait for the next experience.

The major cause of flooding in Ghana, in our opinion, is due to poor infrastructure. We build roads, without drainage and flood channels, when the rains come as they naturally will, they will find their level.

In Accra and some of our major cities, the mad rush for land reclamation without regard for environmental impact is the major reason that our towns and cities is horrifyingly affected whenever the rains come.

The answer in the considered opinion of this newspaper to the problems of flood, entails attitudinal change, not only on the part of the people, by the government as well.

The government and its agencies, especially the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) often do not take adequate proactive measures capable of preventing flood and its effect.

The timely release of weather forecast by Ghana Meteorological Agency will help to avert the casualties recorded every year.

A new United Nations (UN) report says the world needs to rapidly raise investment in early warning systems for extreme weather events.

According to the UN, over the past 50 years, recorded disasters have increased five-fold, thanks in part to climate change.

There is no argument that the dearth of infrastructure often always prepare the ground for the kind of destruction we see each time there is flood.

With the appropriate political will by the government and its agencies, the effect of flooding can be mitigated if not altogether controlled.

Sending relief items to flood victims, can become unnecessary if the right things are done before the floods come