Boniface; Residents Of UN In Madina Are Not Animals To Construct Hills Instead of Speed Ramps

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The newly asphalted road in UN, a suburb in Madina, which is supposed to allow commuters to move from their homes to other parts of town, with relative ease, comfort and safety, has turned out to become the harbinger of pain, due to the speed rumps constructed along the road.

Politicians over the years, have developed the habit of promising one thing and delivering another, the people, who are their employees are often served with half baked deliveries, because they also dont ask the hard and relevant questions, before giving them the job.

The Member of Parliament (MP) of Madina, Boniface Abubakar Sadiqque, in his campaign tour in 2016, promised to transform Madina, which according to him, has been deprived of development for a long time.

After winning the Seat for the New Patriotic Party for the first time in 2016, Boniface instead of fulfilling his campaign promise, set out to engage in window dressing.

Most of the road construction in Madina that, the MP is touting as achievement, and must be given another four years, have not seen any real construction, but are being painted.

The road in UN, which was newly painted not constructed, is one example of the deception of Boniface, to make matters worse the speed rumps on the stretch are hills and are causing a lot of discomfort to motorists.

In the considered opinion of this newspaper, we find the speed rumps not only appalling but reprehensible, because similar construction has gone on in North Legon and the rumps there are not as high as the ones in UN.

The UN roads, have become dangerous for road users, and there is a high degree that using the road for the first time could be fatal.

As a newspaper, we support the need to construct speed rumps, as the place is a residential area and with the construction of an Astro Turf, a lot of kids cross the road to go play or watch football, but we need to reiterate that, they are not animals, a reasonable and acceptable speed rumps, is acceptable, not what has been constructed.

What is there looks more like punishment.