Compulsory Use of Madina Zongo Junction Footbridge Deserves Commendation

Zongo Junction Footbridge Zongo Junction Footbridge

Expectedly, in 2018, residents of Madina and Adenta embarked on series of demonstrations to press home their demand for the government to complete footbridges on the N4 highway.

The demonstration came on as a result of rising road crashes on the highway, which speaker chaos with residents blocking the road and burning tyres.

Government heard their cry because at the time 24 people have lost their lives, with 164 others sustaining various degree of injuries.

Contract was quickly awarded with a scheduled timeline, which was met, but as usual with us, we are a people who know our rights but not our responsibilities.

When the footbridges were completed, some residents of Madina and Adenta still found the highway more comfortable than the bridges.

Residents who have decided not to use the footbridges, started given excuses, saying the bridge is too long and very stressful to use and has a telling effect on their health, especially their knee.

Their continued crossing of the road, has contributed to the traffic at Zongo junction, which is inconveniencing other road users.

It is gratifying to note that, authourities in Madina, have taken up the mandate to ensure that commuters use the footbridge, instead of the road.

This newspaper commends authourities for taking such unpalatable but necessary action to ensure that using the footbridge becomes the norm rather than the exception.

Lives will not only be saved in the process, but will ensure free flow of traffic, which has over the period been the headache of many users of the road.

In our opinion, the carnage on our roads is largely due to the non-enforcement of road usage laws to the letter.

Recently, there was an indication from the National Road Safety Commission to reintroduce the road toll levy. We find such a suggestion unnecessary and ill-timed, considering the economic situation in the country.

There is rather the need to make laws that would ensure that those found guilty of causing road accidents are tried and convicted.

The fear of being caught and punished would make many road users obey laws related to road usage.