Covid-19; As The World Races Towards A Vaccine, What Are Our Pharmaceutical Companies Doing?

Covid-19 Vaccine Covid-19 Vaccine

Its being nine months, since Ghana, recorded its first case of the dreaded Coronavirus, nicknamed Covid-19.

Since then efforts, have been made to contain the spread of the virus, and we can say as a country, we have managed by the grace of God, not to record so many casualties, as is happening in other countries.

We recall that Madagascar, was the first country not only in Africa, but the world to announced it has developed from its natural resources, what it called COVID organic, in response to the rampaging coronavirus that has already claimed hundreds of lives with millions more infected.

That country is so proud of the efficacy of the substance that her President was seen in the media gulping it down just to prove that something good can indeed "come out of Nazareth".

Unfortunately, the organic was not to be as it did not go through the internationally approved processes, required of any medicine.

The government of Ghana, has engaged pharmaceutical companies, producers of herbal medicine, as well as research institutions, like the Noguchi Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, to see if Ghana could provide the saving grace for the world.

Thankfully, as of close of Monday, November 15, data from two pharmaceutical giants, Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech, suggest that the world is closer now more than ever to finding a vaccine for the pandemic.

In our opinion, it demands to be noted that, Ghana, should also take the lead among the countries leading the way in bringing relief to the world.

If the world is to take Africa serious, this is the time. We must look inward for a solution to this pandemic, we must refuse to be limited by our lack of resources.

In Ghana, many people who have contracted the virus and have recovered pay glowing tribute to the efficacy of Neem tree. It is the miracle tree in the cure for many people, who are hale and hearty today.

This newspaper is not oblivious of the financial challenges the above named companies face, but we hasten to add that, a lot can be achieved with little, if only we focus on the important stuff.

The initiative of Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech, ought to be an encouragement to our country's scientists who are begging for a recognition of their efforts.