Covid-19; People Pretending To Wear Face Mask Is What Is Causing Spike In Our Case Count

People Pretending To Wear Face Mask People Pretending To Wear Face Mask

The government since the country first recorded it two imported cases from Turkey and Norway, through the ministry of information, has been given out information on a weekly basis about the coronavirus pandemic.

This daily briefings, have been augmented by the periodic address of president Akufo-Addo, about the measures the government is taken against the spread of the coronavirus, nicknamed COVID-19.

Delivering his 11th address to the nation, the president warned Ghanaians that they are at risk of contracting the virus. In all his address he has always admonished us not to let our guard down. Ghana, like the rest of the world is not out of the woods yet.

From the new recorded cases, it is obvious we have not even reached our peak.

Against every advice, the government, has announced partially reopening of schools, from the basic to the tertiary level.

What this means is that, Ghanaians are returning to the pre-lockdown activities, for that there need to be strict observance of the safety protocols in public places.

These protocols include; washing of hands with soap under running water for 20 seconds, use of hand sanitisers, restrain unwashed hands from the eyes, nose and mouth, no handshakes, wear face masks and shields, observe two-metre physical distance, avoid large gatherings, and all such stuff.

Ghanaians are behaving as though they have something to lose by observing the safety protocols, especially the wearing of face masks.

People only wear the face mask, when entering a space that advertises that one cannot enter without it, but when we are with our loved ones or places we are not require to wear the face mask, we do not wear it.

Our message to such people as a newspaper is that, the virus is real and deadly, and as it is said, it is better to be safe than sorry.

In the considered opinion of this newspaper, informationdissemination has not been as effective as expected.

Agencies task with that responsibility need to step up and get the correct messages to the local folks in the language they understand through well-crafted jingles.

The key message to the populace is simple; COVID-19 is real and killing people and that observing all the safety protocols, especially the wearing of face mask, is a must, not only as a pretense to gain access to public places.


Source: theheraldghana