Democracy Was Raped Last Saturday During The NPP Primaries

NPP Primaries NPP Primaries

"I came through the streets today and I saw so many posters of the wonderful candidates here. But I had to reflect. I think I saw more posters than the delegates at this conference and I wondered, ‘is this really the best use of our resources?’" these were the words of John Hayward, a representative of the Conservative Party, who witnessed the New Patriotic Party National Delegates Conference in Koforidua in 2018.

Last Saturday, during the primaries to elect the party’s parliamentary candidates for the 2020 elections, the fault lines of vote buying and underhand dealings were exacerbated to unimaginable level.

The resort to tactics of thugery, brigandage, violence, and vote buying blighted the election that had to be delayed, because of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in March.

The NPP, has always touted itself as the best version of our democracy, but time and time again, the party shoots itself in the foot, by exhibiting undemocratic tendencies.

As a newspaper, we accept that democracy is work in progress, but after 28 years of practicing multi-party democracy, and having seen the highs and lows, it is important we point out the signs that have the potential to affect its growth and development.

The NPP, is becoming notorious for all the ills that undermines our progress as a nation.

An election, which should be a contest of ideas, has been reduced to a contest for the highest bidder.  Those with deep pockets emerged victorious last Saturday.

This is not the first time Ghanaians are witnessing open display of wealth from the NPP. It is becoming one too many and the disdain with which they defend it, is what at the core of the problem.

President Akufo-Addo, who is blind when it comes to anything NPP, instead cautioning his party to steer off the dangerous tangent, issued a statement to congratulate the party for organizing a successful parliamentary primary.

In our considered opinion, Ghanaians are yet to enjoy and experience enough of the dividends of democracy since Akufo-Addo took the oath of office. There has been heightened tension since 2017, as a result of the activities of vigilante groups affiliated with his party.

Insecurity has been rife as more Ghanaians are killed, maimed, or kidnapped.

It is our submission that, it is not too late for the NPP to amend it ways. If they don’t want to listen to us, at least they should take the admonition of John Hayward.


Source: theheraldghana