Did The Government Put In Enough Safety Measures For The Reopening Of Schools?

Reopening Of Schools Reopening Of Schools

President Akufo-Addo, in the country's effort to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, which was imported into the country, announced the suspension of social gatherings, including schools.

This was followed with a three weeks lockdown of Greater Accra and its surrounding areas, as well as the Greater Kumasi and its surrounding areas.

In announcing the partial reopening of schools for final year students in Junior High school (JHS), Senior High Schools (SHS), Universities and other institutions of higher learning, the president listed conditions for the reopening.

The conditions include; fumigation and disinfection of schools, provision of re-usable face masks, all institutions must have hand-washing facilities, ensure social and physical distancing, smaller class sizes, which should be not more than 25 and meeting spaces.

This newspaper thinks that, it is too early to open whether partially or wholly schools and the reasons for this are not far-fetched.

In our considered opinion, we should not be in a hurry to reopen educational institutions. If there is no ulterior motive, then the government must hasten slowly.

First, countries that have tried to reopen schools, had to quickly shut down again, because the students who cannot properly observe some of the Covid-19 protocols, begun to get infected in numbers not anticipated.

Secondly, some schools in this country, don't have the luxury of portable water for drinking not to talk of using same for hand washing.

Thirdly, on Monday when third year SHS students were to report, some schools, have not taken delivery of the items promised by the president.

These concerns and many more, cannot be swept under the carpet. It will be foolhardy to expose children to such glaring and present danger all in the name of Akufo-Addo graduates.

Not only are our hospitals facing challenges of bed spaces for which reason the country had to activate the new World Health Organisation (WHO) discharge protocols to send home over 10, 000 infected patients, but the health workers, do not have enough Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs).

No doubt, opening the schools now, will put the children at risk of contracting the virus.

Source: theheraldghana