Electoral Commission Chop Our Money Free

EC Chairperson EC Chairperson

It is often said in business that if one fails to plan one then plans to fail. The saying is true with the just ended compilation by the Electoral Commission (EC) of the new voters' register.

The exercise which started on June 30, came to a close on Friday August 6, with a mop up exercise on Saturday and Sunday.At the end of day, Sunday August 9, 16.9 million persons were registered for the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections.

But this figure is not without controversy, as the election management body in its press conference on Tuesday August 11, addressed by the Chairperson of the EC, Jean Mensa, told the media that, there are minors and foreigners among the 16.9 million persons, it has so far registered to vote on December 7.

Before the exercise a lot of Civil Society Organisations, including political parties, questioned the propriety of compiling a new register, when the arguments advanced by the EC to justify the exercise, could be done without necessarily putting Ghanaians through the pain of registration.

The EC, has served notice it was going to embark on a process to rid the register of minors and foreigners, claiming that it wants a register that is for Ghanaians. The exercise it is about to embark upon, was among the among the suggestion made by well-meaning Ghanaians, when it rubbished and called the old register not fit for purpose, when it was the same register that, has been used for elections post 2016.

Unfortunately and regrettably, from gunshots at various registration centres to physical assaults, the exercise had resulted in the death of two people, countless injuries and arrests.It is pertinent to emphasise that by the open admission of the EC, it has failed in correcting the wrongs it sets out to right.

An electoral register is not just a compilation of numbers, but numbers put to good use for solutions. In the considered opinion of this newspaper, the EC only wasted tax payers money for another half baked pie, which is a disaster waiting to happen.

Source: www.theheraldghana.com