Ending The Menace Of Quack Doctors

The Medical and Dental Council has caused the arrest of two physician assistants The Medical and Dental Council has caused the arrest of two physician assistants

Determined to weed out quacks in the medical profession, the Medical and Dental Council has caused the arrest of two physician assistants for allegedly practising without requisite documents.

A statement from the council said the two persons were arrested after a routine monitoring exercise conducted by the Council at the health facilities in line with standard practice.

The two quack physician assistants are Abdulai Abubakar Sadik (Tamale Technical University Hospital) and Richard Dzomeku (Good Morning Clinic at Adentan New site) who were nabbed on July 27 and August 7, 2020, respectively.

In Ghana not only has quackery permeated virtually all professions, but having many people with dubious certificates and, as should be expected, this practice has continued to take a toll on different sectors of the economy.

There are several quack journalists just as there are countless fake health workers, teachers, auditors, accountants, lawyers, etc all of who are causing colossal damages to the nation in different ways.

The concern, however, in recent times is the number of avoidable deaths caused by the negligence of health workers. Hardly a week passes without a patient or relative of a patient taking to social media, to complain about the treatment meted out to him or her or a loved one.

It is sad to note that a lot of health workers in our hospitals, clinics, view the job as a means to an end, instead of the love and passion that was the motivation of those who came before them.

It is evidently manifest that in Ghana the continuous nosedive in the quality of health delivery is due, largely, to the fact that there is the abundance of quacks in our theatres.

As a newspaper, we are opposed to quackery in whatever form and hence, we believe that nobody ought to be employed as a doctor, if he or she does not medical licence to practice.

All things considered, and the many stories that we hear and read everyday, the Medical and Dental Council has a herculean task and hence deserves the support and cooperation of all Ghanaians so as to rid the nation of quack doctors.

As a newspaper we call on other bodies and associations, to a cue from the Medical and Dental Council and begin to flush out undesirables out of their fold.

Source: www.theheraldghana.com