Ghana Is In Terrible State Security-Wise

Albert Kan-Dapaah, National Security Minister Albert Kan-Dapaah, National Security Minister

Widespread opinion indicates that security-wise, the country is in a terrible place, never more precarious in recent history.

The action, inactions and if you will misaction of those giving the responsibility to serve and protect us, are defining the nation's fate as the months go by.

That the situation is worrisome is clear to all, but, however, what is more frightening is the conduct of the Commander-In-Chief, who for reasons that are not easily discernible has decided to play the ostrich in the mistaken hope that whirlwind will blow over on its own.

The past four years, has seen Ghanaians across the country terrified over their wellbeing and safety.

Just last week, a journalist with Citi FM, Caleb Kudah, who was alleged to have taken pictures and video of the national security premises, was arrested, detained and tortured and a Rambo-style invasion of the premises of the station staged, just to go and invite a colleague of his.

What is more interesting over the past four years, is the lack of political will to first of all admit that things are spiraling out of control and then proceed to take action against those who inflict wounds on innocent Ghanaians.

For most Ghanaians disturbed by this lack of collective will by the political elite, it would seem like the recent treatment meted out to the Ashanti Regional National Security Coordinator, DCOP Ayensu Opare Addo, was just a tease on what happened to his predecessor.

DCOP Ayensu Opare Addo, was forcefully removed from office by members of the supposedly disbanded pro NPP vigilante group Delta force.

President Akufo-Addo, has promised time without number to take action when evidence of wrong doing or brutality is brought to his attention.

Ghanaians expect, actually, demand that the president would, as he has often said, expose the merchants of terror and prosecute them.

We have heard the threats of exposing those behind the spate of terror for too long that it now seems like Akufo-Addo, is either stabbing in the dark or is not ready to take on the task.

Ghanaians need to be assured that they are secure and can go about their lawful economic activities without fear. That sense of security is fast eroding and the president must show leadership.