Ghana Standard Authourity Should Have A Benchmark For Production, Distribution, Sale And Use Of Face Masks.

Face mask Face mask

The COVID-19 pandemic, although has caused negative impact on the income and resources of individuals, organizations, and the overall economy, has also presented opportunities as well.

Among the safety protocols announced by health professionals with the endorsement of the World Health Organisation (WHO) is the wearing of nose masks.

As a result, many organizations today, have diversified and are either manufacturing nose masks locally or are importing it into the country.

According to the Homeland Security Investigations, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security in the United States of America (USA), millions of counterfeit masks were bought by hospitals, medical institutions and government agencies in at least five states - and some of them were used by health care workers in Washington State, the federal authorities said on Wednesday in announcing an investigation.

The fact that the US, where everything is done by the book, has detected the influx of fake nose masks, must be a course for concern for us.

In a country where corruption is almost a way of life, importing or manufacturing fake nose masks, cannot be farfetched.

Over the years, we have seen Ghanaians display the penchant for making quick money by taking advantage of unsuspecting clients. Nothing in safeguarding the lives of Ghanaians should be taken to chance.

As a newspaper, we strongly believe that the only way of preventing the spread of the pandemic is by ensuring that one of the most important protocols, which is the wearing of face mask, is strictly adhered to, meaning the masks themselves, must be of good quality and fit for purpose.

Nobody should be allowed to endanger the lives of Ghanaians under any guise, especially for profit motive.

Our fragile health system is already overwhelmed with cases, no doubt, most of the Intensive Care Units (IVUs) are full, with the second wave of the pandemic, which according to reports, is more infectious and deadlier.

In view of the foregoing, this newspaper is compelled to urge the Ghana Standard Authourity (GSA) and the Food and Drugs Authourity (FD) to ensure that only quality, safe and fit for purpose nose masks are in the market for sale.