Jean Mensah Should Be Charged With Crimes Against Humanity

Should Be Charged With Crimes Against Humanity Should Be Charged With Crimes Against Humanity

The 1992 Constitution of the republic of Ghana, has empowered the election management body; Electoral Commission (EC) to provide the eligible and willing voters a platform to exercise their franchise through voter registration.

When and how to compile a new register, has always been the toughest and most sensitive decision on for the EC, as they had never been on consensus on that.

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, made the decision announced by the Jean Mensah-led EC to compile a new voters' register a complex one.

The decision is complex, because Covid-19, continues to evolve and not in linear manner as anticipated. There is insufficient evidence on risks of transmission as the World Health Organisation, keep changing goal-post.

There are many characteristics of the virus that, the world does not know.

This and many factors, is the reason why well-meaning Ghanaians, have called on the EC to suspend the ongoing exercise.

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA), the umbrella body of all medical doctors in Ghana, in a letter addressed to the EC Chairperson, Jean Mensah, addressing, called for the prosecution of all persons including the EC staff, officials, commissioners, voter I.D card applicants, observers and political party agents who may be responsible for any breaches of any Covid-19 preventive protocol.

In another development, a group of health care professionals, have called on the EC to reconsider the voter registration exercise, which they believe could lead to mass COVID-19 infections and likely deaths in the country.The group, made up of over 100 medical doctors, nurses, laboratory professionals and other allied health care personnel, say the already strained health care facilities would not be able to handle the cases that would emerge as a result of the mass exercise.If Jean Mensah, is playing deaf and dump with ordinary Ghanaians, she should at least listen to the timely advice of frontline workers, who are professionals and will be the ones to bear the burden of any fallout.This is not a simple matter of weighing risks and benefits. Human lives cannot be mortgaged on the altar of election.

The absolute priority of EC is to safeguard the lives and well-being of every single individual, who turns up to register, so far that has not been done.

This newspaper agrees with the GMA that, every death arising out of the voter registration exercise should be placed at the doorstep of Jean Mensah. The signs were there, the warnings given, but she decided against all that to go ahead with the exercise.

In our considered opinion, Jean Mensah, should be charged with crimes against humanity, for deliberately putting the lives of Ghanaians in danger.