Lt. Col. Frank Agyeman Promotion; A Slap In The Face Of Ghanaians

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Agyeman Lieutenant Colonel Frank Agyeman

This newspaper is finding it difficult to stop worrying about the way and manner, the government is taken Ghanaians for granted. Not with the latest appointment of Lt. Col. Frank Agyeman as the Commanding Officer of the 64 Infantry Regiment of the Ghana Armed Forces.

Reports emerging from the Ghana Armed Forces indicate that, Col. Frank Agyeman, who was the lead man in the assault of Caleb Kudah, a reporter with Citi FM, and was recently relieved of his post at the National Security, has been promoted.

Lt. Col. Frank Agyeman and three police officers were released by the National Security Ministry, May 20, for allegedly detaining and assaulting Mr Caleb Kudah of Citi FM for filming abandoned state vehicles at a 'restricted area' on the premises of the National Security Ministry on May 11.

A report of the committee that investigated the matter "established that the conduct of Lieutenant Colonel Frank Agyeman and the officers was inappropriate and contravened the Ministry's standard operating procedures."

Reacting to that suddenpromotion, Ghanaians have roundly expressed their disappointment not only at the Ghana Armed Forces,but the government for openly endorsing the treatment meted out to the journalist.

In the midst of all these, Ghanaians are being told to have confidence in the government and that there is no cause for alarm. The people are losing confidence in the ability, capacity and willingness of those in position of authourityto punish perpetrators of wrong doing.

By this action, others are emboldenedin the process to manhandle innocent Ghanaians in the name of that 'big man'.

To manifest this disposition on our part, we have in our previous editorial condemned in the strongest language possible, the attack on the journalist and Rambo style invasion of the station by operatives of the National Security, ostensibly to invite a colleague of Caleb Kudah.

We hope that is not the new paradigm. The people, the ordinary Ghanaians, still have confidence in the national security to protect and shield them from the onslaught of marauding gangs.

As a newspaper, we will continue to share in that expectation and optimism that there is, indeed, no cause for alarm and the president will step in to right this wrong.