MTN Must Check MOMO Fraudsters

MTN Must Check MOMO Fraudsters MTN Must Check MOMO Fraudsters

The number one telecommunication giant in the country, MTN, has refused to stay out of the news for the wrong reasons.

Even the most loyal friends of MTN, are usually hard put raising a voice of defence for a network that they have patronized over a decade.

MTN Mobile Money for some time now has become a target for criminals. Over the years; criminals have tried so many tricks to dupe unsuspecting subscribers of MTN MOMO of their hard earned money, they succeed with those who are still learning how to avoid them.

This newspaper is not oblivious of the processes involved in reversing a wrong transaction or blocking a number that had been used for the criminal activity; this is why we are of the considered opinion that, MTN, should do more to protect its customers.

The process that one has to go to reverse a transaction, is often tedious and involves a lot of legal hurdles.

A new trend has emerged that the fraudsters use these days to withdraw money from peoples' mobile account.

Someone will call and inform you that some money has been wrongly paid into your MOMO account, so he wants you check, but before then, he will warn you not to switch your phone off.

Immediately after his call, another person, will call you to tell you that the first caller was a fraudster and that MTN has taken notice of the scheme and is doing something about it.

While, the second caller engages you in a lengthy conversation, the first caller is busy hacking into your mobile money account.

This newspaper is equally concerned about the cost implication of putting measures to curtail the activities of fraudsters, but it is in the long run in the best interest of MTN, because when the fraudsters are done with the customers, the service provider will be the next target.