Madina Assembly Should Relocate Atomic Trotro Drivers To Ease Traffic

Relocate Atomic Trotro Drivers To Ease Traffic Relocate Atomic Trotro Drivers To Ease Traffic

One of the sad tales of going to Haatso and its surrounding areas through the Atomic Junction is the long time its take motorists to go through the Atomic junction.

Atomic Junction, has over the years been a hotbed for traffic, this is despite the construction of the overpass.

The reason for this is not far-fetched, as commercial vehicles, known as trotro, who ply Haatso and its surrounding areas, have taken over the road, making movement difficult on that road.

This development in the opinion of this newspaper has led to avoidable traffic. The situation has been made worse, because the owner of the land they used to occupy, has evicted them, so they don't have a permanent place to load passengers, except to occupy the shoulders of the road.

While we admit that the drivers have the right to earn a living, it must be noted that the situation is inconveniencing other road users, which ultimately has a negative effect on the economy.

A distance that should take about five minutes to cover, sometimes could take about thirty minutes or an hour, because of the gridlock.

The La Nkwantanang Madina Municipal Assembly, which supervises and collect money from the drivers, should as a matter of urgency, find a place to relocate the drivers, since they cannot permanently keep them there, causing inconvenience to other road users.

Commercial drivers, have the tendency to operate outside lawful and designated territories, so the earlier they are moved the better, else before we know it, the whole will be taken over.

This is the painful reality that confronts us as a people. Most of the traffic spots in Accra, is as a result of the indiscipline on the part of commercial vehicles, who have turned every conceivable junction as a bus stop, provided a passenger is waiting to board or disembark from the car.

It is also our belief that Madina Assembly, has not attended to the appeal of the drivers, who before their eviction from their loading bay, asked the Assembly to intervene.

It is not too late, as they cannot continue to inconvenience other road users.