Menace Of Contract And Temporary Staff In Ghana

Menace Of Contract And Temporary Staff In Ghana Menace Of Contract And Temporary Staff In Ghana

The menace of casualisation of workers in many industries in the country, especially private organizations, has become a source of concern to many Ghanaians.

The employment strategy also known as 'contract staff' has been encouraged due to the high unemployment rate in the country.

This recruitment model is done in other jurisdiction, but is the way and manner it is exploited in this country that leaves much to be desired.

Contract staffing and casualisation contravenes section 75 (I) of the labour act, which states that " a temporary worker who is employed by the same employer for a continuous period of six months and more shall be treated under this Part as a permanent worker.

This is not so in most cases as some of the contract staff stay in a particular level for years without confirmation of appointment, let alone promotion, yet they undertake the same tasks like the regular staff who earn far higher than they do.

The Area Account Developers (AADs) who work as temporary staff of the MobileTelecomunication giant, MTN, recently disclosed how they have been kept as temporary staff for the past ten years.

According to them where as provisions are made for some few permanent staff to work from home, they are made to continue to interact with customers without Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) in the wake of COVID-19.

Temporary staff should be treated like humans; they should have the benefit of rights and must be protected as their colleagues who are permanent staff.

We urge the government and other regulatory bodies to start enforcing compliance among companies by embarking on frequent inspections on the conditions that casual workers are being exposed to.

We believe that a nation that respects its laws should not fold its arms, while its citizens are being subjected to inhuman treatment in the name of casualization.