National Security and Homeland Study Group

Western Togoland secessionist group Western Togoland secessionist group

Ghanaians woke up to a disturbing news on Friday morning, when Western Togoland secessionist group, the Homeland Study Group ceased some towns and blocked roads.

Beyond the bewildering incident was the mind-boggling narrative that the security apparatus from the Regional Security Council to the National Security Council, were aware of the intended action of the secessionist group.

The group on Friday went on the rampage, blocking roads that lead to the Volta region and attacking police stations, ostensibly to steal weapons and ammunition.

As Ghanaians grappled with the somewhat flimsy explanation by the security architecture, it is instructive to point out the lethargic and lackadaisical nature as a nation we have handled this secessionist group. They made their intentions known to us in 2017, and ever since they have in many ways made their intentions known, with a declaration of independence.

Over the years, as a country we have treated the group with kid gloves and this has embolden them, and will embolden other groups to think, they can also threaten the sovereignty of the state and get away with it.

They is a saying that to bend steel, one needs stronger steel. Groups, whose intention is to destabilize the state, certainly have no place among us.

They are some school of thought that, government should open a channel of negotiation with the Homeland Study Group, this newspaper disagrees and believes that rather than negotiate, the government should employ all the apparatus of the state security to quell their intentions once and for all.

From a quiet study group in the early 90s, the Homeland Study Group is gradually metamorphosing into splinter groups with the same agenda, to break away from Ghana.

In the opinion of this Newspaper, it's time to decimate the Homeland Study Group, completely without looking back in view of the havoc they have wrecked in some towns in the Volta region.