Needed; An Association For Rent Agents

An Association For Rent Agents An Association For Rent Agents

One of the niggling problems that has continued to engage the attention of millions of Ghanaians is the issue of rent.

Among the issues that are of utmost important to most Ghanaians, is accommodation, because it is a basic necessity of life.

In Ghana, many people only work to save and pay for rent. Simple economics states that, prices will go up when demand exceed supply.

It is the responsibility of the government to not only provide economic security and security of life, but also security in terms of accommodation.

No national deserves to be left to the mercy of landlords and landladies, who now have rent agents in their corner to charge any amount and duration, without regard to the Rent Control Law of 1986.

The Rent Control Law, 1986 (PNDCL 138) was passed to regulate the relationship between tenants and landlords in Ghana. In order to do this, it set up Rent and Housing Committees where parties could go in order to resolve their differences.

Even as we are not mindful of the cost of building materials, and especially the problem of land acquisition in this country, we call on the government to engage property owners, so as to find an amicable solution to the problem of rent.

To protect the average Ghanaian, who barely makes ends meet, this newspaper believes that, government should stop paying lips service to the issue of housing.

Figures from the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS)indicate a deficit of 1.7 million housing units, and is projected to hit about two million even before 2020.

Rent agents, should be made to form an association, that way the government through the various assemblies is able to regulate their activities and tax them, if possible.

The ten percent agency fee that, they charge, in the estimation of this newspaper is not captured in the rent control act, but granted that, the law allows it, do they pay tax on it, or it is a non-taxable income?