Now That The Nigerian Gov’t Has Served Notice Of Retaliation, Will Gov’t Back Off

Naija-ghana-fight Naija-ghana-fight

Not to underestimate the prowess of this country, but any hostility between Ghana and Nigeria, will not end well for this country.

Among the advantages Nigeria has, is its population, so in as much as its needs Ghana, Ghana needs Nigeria more.

This newspaper since last year, has been calling on the Ghanaian authourities to relook at the definition of a foreigner is, bearing in mind the protocols it has signed, including ECOWAS protocol, that allows for free movement of goods and services, across West African countries.

The relationship between Ghana and Nigeria, has been a long standing one, but recent events, seem to threaten that co-existence.

Since the days of Alien Compliance Order in 1969, which affected mostly Nigerians, the relationship between Ghana and Nigeria, has only grown stronger.

Though the Order affected some migrants from other West African Countries such as Togo, Burkina Faso, and Ivory-Coast, a majority of the victims were Yoruba's from South-Western Nigeria numbering about 140,000, out of an estimated 191,000 Nigerian immigrant stock in Ghana then.

In contemporary times, the Ghanaian government has consistently being putting up discriminatory policies against Nigerian businesses and residents.

The Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA), has also launched consistent attacks on foreign businesses, with Nigerians shops being the main target and government also because of the impending elections, has joined GUTA, to close down shops belonging to our brothers and sisters from Nigeria.

Recently the hallowed grounds of the Nigerian High Commission was desecrated by some individuals, with the support of security services, the government of Ghana claimed it had no knowledge of the invasion.

President Akufo-Addo, had to issue an apology with an offer to rebuild the demolished property.

The Federal government of Nigeria, has served notice through the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Alhaji Lai Mohammed that it would no longer tolerate the incessant harassment of its citizens in Ghana and the progressive acts of hostility towards the country.

According to the statement, the federal government is urgently considering a number of options aimed at ameliorating the situation.

The minister said "Closure of shops belonging to Nigerians. Over 300 Nigerians shops were locked for four months in Kumasi in 2018; over 600 Nigerian shops were locked in 2019 and, currently, over 250 Nigerians shops have been locked"

He concluded by saying "This will no longer be tolerated under any guise. In the meantime, the federal government wishes to appeal to its citizens resident in Ghana to remain law abiding and avoid engaging in self-help, despite their ordeal".

This newspaper is continuing on its call to Ghanaian authorities to tread cautiously in its dealings with Nigeria, the country cannot afford a full blown diplomatic row with its big brother.