Nurses Strike In The Midst Of Covid-19

Nurses Strike Nurses Strike

The last news Ghanaians wanted to wake up at this time of a global pandemic is the strike action by health workers, especially nurses, whose services are badly needed at this time.

Ghana and indeed the global community are facing the worst global pandemic since the dawn of the new millennium. What makes it scarier is the fact that, there is no cure for the ccoronavirus, nicknamed Covid-19.

The battle to contain the virus, which has seen a steady decline, will suffer a setback as The Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) and its allied associations (Ghana Physician Assistants Association and Ghana Association of Certified Registered Anesthetists) embarked on an indefinite strike from Monday, 21 September 2020.

In declaring the strike, GRNMA and its allied associations said: "Having reconvened in the meetings held on 15th and 16th September 2020, the posture of the Employer changed for the better but did not meet the expectation of the majority of nurses, midwives, physician assistants and certified registered anaesthetists in Ghana."

It stressed, however, that "the proposal of the employer, as reported, cannot serve the economic interest of all nurses, midwives, PAs and CRAs."

This newspapers, aligns with the concerns of the health workers and share in their plight, but we hasten to appeal to them to see reason and call off the strike, as the lives of millions of Ghanaians and the very survival of our nation depend on them.

The country, cannot afford a second wave of the virus, as many countries are experiencing, when that happens no one, including the nurses are safe.

The government must also as a matter of urgency, address the concerns of the health workers, who have acted as frontline workers, since the first two recorded cases of the Covid-19 in Ghana.

Health workers in Ghana, deserve their due and there is no better time to appreciate their sacrifice than now.