Only Free And Fair Election Can Guarantee Post Election Peace

Post Election Peace Post Election Peace

Ghanaians two weeks from now on December 7, will be going to the polls to elect a new president and Members of Parliament.

The main thrust of democracy is that, it confers on the people the power to elect their leaders.

However, free and fair elections practice is more often than not, undermined by political actors. These actors often do everything to subvert the will and the wishes of the people.

Ghana since 1992, when the country ushered in the fourth republican dispensation, has had a fair share of election violence due to the mistrust of the system and this year, will not be an exception.

Free and fair election is a prerequisite for peace, before, during and after election. Violence during elections or after announcements of election results is largely due to the perception that the election was rigged.

Rigging of elections must therefore be avoided in this year's election, in order to avert violence and breach of peace!

The people's choice should be allowed to prevail. This is where the Electoral Commission (EC), comes in.

This newspaper is of the opinion that, the Jean Mensah-led Commission must tread the path of its predecessors, who ensured that, Ghana came out of seven elections successfully.

As we approach December 7, there is every reason to remind the election management body that, the faith of the country lies in their hands, their action and decision before, during and after the polls, is critical to the survival of the country.

Beyond superintending over the conduct of the general elections, it behooves on the electoral body to ensure free and fair election, else this country risks plunging into crisis.

Ghanaians, should make their choice freely, without any hindrance. And every vote must count.