Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine Triggers Immune Response; What Is Africa Doing?

A coronavirus vaccine developed A coronavirus vaccine developed

A BBC report filed by James Gallagher, says that, a coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford, appears safe and triggers an immune response.

According to the report "The vaccine - called ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 - is being developed at unprecedented speed." This breakthrough has ignited a new hope of finding not only a cure for the rampaging Covid-19, but a vaccine.

In May this year, a tiny African nation called, Madagascar, developed from its natural resources COVID organic, in response to the pandemic that has already claimed thousands of lives with millions more infected.

To prove the efficacy of the substance the president of Madagascar, was seen in the media, gulping it down, all the country asked at that time was to be given the chance to prove its worth.

This newspaper is not suggesting that, all the processes required for a safe drug, must be circumvented, as we believe in the maxim of 'madness to the process'.

However, we think Africa was looking for a solution and they found one in Madagascar, but as usual, we were the first to reject the claims of that country, without given them the benefit of the doubt.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, many countries have relied on local remedies, which have shown convincing results.

We cannot wait for the 'West' to always spoon feed us, Africa must rise to the occasion and claim her right of place among the comity of nations.

Last week, there were reports of Russia, started given its business and political elite early access to an experimental vaccine against COVID-19, as the country races to be among the first to develop an inoculation.

Some African countries actions lend credence to the biases of the western world, who see nothing of benefit coming out of what in their racist propensities is "the Dark Continent".

Oxford is racing against time, so is other big pharmaceutical companies in Europe and America. Should they come up with a vaccine, it will take years, if not decades to reach Africa, until then, what are we doing.

Already, according to BCC, The UK has already ordered 100 million doses of the vaccine.

Source: www.theheraldghana.com