Political Lecturers In Our Classrooms

Political Lecturers Political Lecturers

There is a simmering threat to academic freedom and independenceof most lecturers in our universities with most of them, using their sacred role to advance their political interest.

In time past, most of them are invited to contribute to the national discourse as resource persons, but these days one can easily tell which political party that person belongs, the moment he opens his or her mouth.

In civilized climes, the voice of academia on national issues, provides the paradigm from politicians, who are mostly centre-left or centre-right.

It is for this reason that, when lecturers, are called to contribute on a subject, many people find it refreshing, as providing a perspective which is not tainted by political considerations.

This newspaper, has observed the worrying trend that has crept into our national life. Lecturers, although might have opinions, but they must speak to issues truthfully, without bias or ill-will towards one political party or another.

Even election surveys conducted by the academia, have become subject of controversy, when as an academic exercise, it should not attract the kind of criticism from fellow members of the same faculty.

As if this is not enough, some of lecturers in this administration or past administration have accepted appointments from presidents to work in government.

We are not of the opinion that, accepting any offer to contribute your quota to nation building is bad, but we are against the hypocrisy, when in the past such a person is seen as a fair minded individual.

If well-meaning Ghanaians and independent voices, do not call not only the lecturers to order but politicians, who are also robbing the academic community for fine brains, very soon the university system will grind to a halt.

We are of the considered opinion that, the move is a vicious arm-twisting strategy by governments with the intention to blackmail lecturers to fall in line.

Sadly, the academic community, which is supposed to resist the temptation, are also out doing each other to catch the eyes of the political leaders.

Source: www.theheraldghana.com