Security Agents And The Rights Of Ghanaians

Security agencies Security agencies

Few days ago, supposed military men dispatched to assist other security agencies to calm matters at Banda in the Bono region, after one person died in the area about a week ago.

In a video that went viral on Sunday of the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) complaining bitterly about the presence of the military in the Banda area, who had blocked the road to stop busloads of people from accessing registration centres.

In the said video, the military men have constituted themselves into the court, the Electoral Commission (EC) all rolled into one, and determining who a Ghanaian is.

In another absurd development, just days before the start of the Voters' registration exercise, military men, were deployed to Ketu South, ostensibly to prevent eligible Ghanaians from taking part in the registration exercise.

These are just few out of a series of activities undertaken by military men, who have total disregard for the laws of the land.

This newspaper has observed with shock the use of the military outside their realm of operation. The function of the military is not to enforce law and order, must less be checking citizenship of potential registrants.

The military are trained to defend the territorial integrity of the country, not to be unleashed on innocent citizens.

What they were deployed to do, was sorely the work of the Police, as all the allied security services, have their mandate and work cut out.

We note with concern since 2017, the military have used in operations that clearly flies in the face of the Constitution. The laws are made to be upheld, any precedence that has the potential to derail our progress must be condemned by all well-meaning Ghanaians.

We point out with a sense of patriotism that, the military must assess the implication of their actions. Will they be battle ready when Ghana is under attack, since the service, has also become political.