Supreme Court and Political Stability

The June 25 ruling The June 25 ruling

The June 25, ruling of the country's apex court in the case brought before it by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and private citizen, Mark Takyi Banson, praying the court to order the Electoral Commission (EC) to include both the birth certificate and current voters' ID card in the ongoing registration exercise.

The 7-member panel, held unanimously that birth certificate provides no evidence of citizenship.

The judgment of the Supreme Court, has sent shocked waves across the legal fraternity in the country, with many lawyers questioning the rationale behind the judgment.

In the considered opinion of some lawyers, which this newspaper aligns with, how do you agree that passport can be used as one of the primary documents for registration, yet rejects the birth certificate, which is the source document for the acquisition of passport.

The full judgment which was released yesterday, has expectedly thrown up a lot of arguments on whether the Justices of the Supreme Court, have not erred in their decision.

The Supreme Court is the final arbiter of all legal issues; their decisions are not only binding, but have far reaching consequences, which is why the Apex Court, represent the conscience of every nation.

This newspaper is strongly of the opinion that, the ruling failed to take into consideration the information contained on the birth certificate.

The decision as to who is a citizen, has now been left to the determination of political actors, as this debate is not only limited to the voters' registration exercise but will go on for days, weeks, months and years to come.

Mr Banson and the NDC initiated the suit to help deepen our nascent democracy and clear the lingering doubts of what constitute a document identifying one as a Ghanaian.

The Supreme Court, should come again, they should be able to tell us, what document is fit to identify who a Ghanaian is.

It is our view that the judiciary will have an opportunity to reflect on this ruling which has ridiculed our existence as a nation.