The Family Of Ishmael Abdallah Deserves Swift Justice

Ishmael Abdallah and mother Ishmael Abdallah and mother

A couple of days ago, Ghanaians woke up to another devastating news that, two teenagers at Kasoa in the Central Region murdered a 10-year-old boy for money ritual.

It is trite to say that, the youth of today are losing their soul to the lust for money, even though this country, has more Churches and Mosques than many countries in the world.

Before this, some few weeks ago, the murder or beating of partners, especially women, assumed an alarming rate and became more like a competition.

Murders happen every day, but with different motives and in different jurisdictions, what makes it different is how it is tackled elsewhere, where institutions work to perfection.

Varied meanings are being read into the murder of Ishmael Abdallah, while interpretations were made of it especially the spiritual. But the point being stressed in this editorial is that the chicken is gradually coming home to roost.

Kasoa, like many of burgeoning towns used to be a haven of peace and quiet. From that perspective it is easy to conjecture that there is a breakdown of security in the country. W

This problem predates this administration and so this newspaper is not for a moment suggesting that, the unbridled crime rate in Kasoa, is the doing of the current government.

Few years ago in the United Kingdom (UK), Jamie Bulger, who was two at the time was abducted, tortured and killed by two 10-year-old boys, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables.

The example is to reiterate the point that murders among teenagers is everywhere, and the motives may vary, but what makes the difference is that, steps are taken elsewhere to strengthen institutions of state to reduce to the barest minimum such incidence.

The murder of Ishmael Abdallah, is reflective of a pervasive phenomenon that is thriving in our communities. While many have blamed the activities of money doublers and fake mallams, fake pastors, juju men and women, the question to ask is, what will compel boys between the ages of 16 and 18, to commit murder?

In our considered opinion, what is developing into a disturbing scenario is as a result of moral decay in the society.

Young women, students especially, because of excessive crave for material things, indulge in illicit acts that result in murder.

The family of Ishmael Abdallah needs our prayers and support at this critical moment and above all they deserve justice. May this case not end up being added to the long list of cases that are still lingering in our courts.

Ishmael Abdallah was murdered on Saturday April 3, in Kasoa, he was 10. May his soul rest in peace.