The Increasing Cost Of Cement And The Welcomes News Of Dzata Cement

Bags of cement Bags of cement

Ghanaians have watched helplessly as the retail price of a bag of cement, irrespective of the brand, has skyrocketed from GH¢25 in 2016 to between GH¢50 to GH¢55 this year.

The price increment has been sustained for the past four years, with Dangote cement leading in the price war.

It is against this background that Ghanaians have heaved a sigh of relief when it was announced that Dzata Cement, own by business mogul, Ibrahim Mahama, is in the market and selling far cheaper than the existing ones.

This development, is going to help Ghanaians, particularly those in low income cadre to build residential houses in rural, semi-rural and urban centres, thereby reducing the acute accommodation crisis and the attendant huge rent in the country.

This welcome news, among others, should serve as incentive for more local investors to venture into the industry in order to make cement available to Ghanaians at a moderate price.

As a newspaper, we appeal to the government to provide more industrial incentives and protections such as concessionary loans and larger tax incentives for Ghanaians, who are desirous of venturing into the industry.

The government, must also see to it that electricity supply is stable and available, which will in the long run, reduced production cost and drive down the final price of the product.

Also, the country's road network has remained bad, making cement producers to incur huge logistics cost in both the transportation of raw materials to their factories and distribution of finished products to end-users.

This newspaper joins millions of Ghanaians in congratulating Ibrahim Mahama, for the bold step he has taken.

It is our hope that, Ghanaians and especially the government will patronize Dzata cement, as every penny he makes stays in the country, aside the employment he is providing to the people.

We wish to advise Parliament to pass a bill or make appropriate recommendation to government to make it mandatory for the compulsory use of Dzata cement, in all government contract, this is surest way of helping to promote one of our own.