Three Years Since The Abduction Of Takoradi Kidnapped Girls

Takoradi Kidnapped Girls Takoradi Kidnapped Girls

Three years have passed since, Priscilla Blessing Bentum, Ruth Love Quayeson, and Priscilla Mantseabea Koranchie, who have become known as Takoradi Kidnapped Girls, were abducted in the Western regional capital.

The initial lethargic response by the security services, especially the Ghana Police service, after the incident were reported to them by the families of the girls, left much to be desired.

It has been three long years that the families of these unfortunate girls, have been going through the trauma of just imagining what could have happened to them, whether they are dead or alive and in what condition, if ever they are found, they will be.

Their whereabouts is still unknown, despite several promises by the police to locate and reunite them with their families.

The case took an interesting dimension in April last year, when the Director General of The Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Mrs Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah at a press conference said the police know the whereabouts of the kidnapped girls. According to the CID Boss, she could not disclose the exact location of the girls, as doing that could jeopardise their safety, but gave an assurance that the police were working together with other stakeholders to bring them back safely.It has been more than one year after that open admission and the girls are yet to be reunited with their families.As a country, the penchant of not getting to the bottom of issues and bringing finality, is becoming a serious threat to our survival as a people.The message criminals get with that attitude is that, they will get away with crime, because we only show anger for few days and then we are back to business as usual.As a newspaper, we call on the police administration not to give up on Ruth Love Quayson (18), Priscilla Blessing Bentum (21), and Priscilla Mantebea Korankye (15).Their families need a closure, so they can also go on with their lives.

It is understandable that most of the attention of the security agencies is focused on getting the general elections over the line.

That we appreciate. Notwithstanding, we also urge them not to sweep the issue of the kidnapped girls under the carpet.