Armed robber shot dead, 2 others arrested as they engage police in gun battle

Armed robber shot dead, 2 others arrested Armed robber shot dead, 2 others arrested

An armed robber has been killed with two other accomplices arrested by Police in a shootout at Domos Company, a block factory located at Haatso in the Greater Accra Region.

According to the Police investigators, the armed robbers, four in number, disguised themselves as businessmen who wanted to transact business with the management and asked to see the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

However, in the process, they pulled out their pistols and held some workers at gunpoint amidst sporadic shooting on the premises.

Meanwhile, armed police were already stationed at the premises as they had already been tipped off unknown to the robbers, thus a gun battle ensued and in the process one of the robbers got hit.

The critically injured robber was rushed to rhe Police hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival while two others were arrested. One of the robbers however managed to escape amidst firing.

The two arrested robbers have been identified as Christian Anagbra, 38 and Emmanuel Gavor, 53. The two, during interrogation, admitted their involvement in the attempted robbery and have given the identity of the one who escaped as Isaac who also happens to be the leader of the group.

Police also revealed that these same armed robbers are believed to have attacked Goil filling station at Ashongman and murdered a security man last weekend.

The police also retrieved one Millennium pistol with five rounds of ammunition.

The suspects have been kept in separate cells assisting the police in their investigations.

Source: Portia Twenewaa-Karikari