Dangerous Myths About Covid 19

Dangerous Myths About Covid 19 Dangerous Myths About Covid 19

COVID 19 has spread very quickly around all continents of  the world, so has false information. False information and speculations about measures that could cure or prevent COVID 19 can be as dangerous as the virus. This can cause fear and panic among individuals and can make them frustrated if such measures do not work. Here we make things clear.

Drinking alcohol doesn't prevents COVID 19

Drinking alcohol does not prevent you from contracting COVID 19 as many people believe. In as much as alcohol based hand sanitizers helps protect us from the virus, it becomes dangerous if one drinks alcohol. Drinking alcohol makes one prone to diseases and mental health disorder which can shockingly make one vulnerable to contracting COVID 19. To fight the virus one needs a healthy immune system which drinking of alcohol destroys. It damages your respiratory system such as lungs and gut and damages the cells that help the immune system function. So instead of you to protect yourself and stay healthy, you will just be hurting yourself by drinking alcohol.

5G mobile network doesn't spreads COVID 19

Since the beginning of COVID 19 till date, people attribute the virus to the emergence of 5G mobile network. To some people, this myth was real enough for them that they attacked 5G masts in their countries. There were attacks in United Kingdom, Netherlands, Cyprus and so on. To them that was a way of protecting themselves against this pandemic. However, those who linked this two together never had and still do not have any scientific evidence to prove themselves. This is a misinformation to take people’s minds from the actual ways to contract the virus and also instill fear in them so they would not subscribe to 5G when it is officially introduced to them.

Exposure to the sun or temperatures above 25 degree Celsius doesn't prevents COVID 19

Even though ultraviolent (UV) rays and vitamin D which are gotten from the sun helps decrease the possibility of viruses on surfaces, it does not mean that if people with COVID 19 expose themselves to the sun they will be cured. Let’s note that too much of UV lights can cause serious health damages to your sun and can lead to skin cancer. In as much as Vitamin D from the sun can help lower the risk of more severe respiratory infections when it comes to COVID 19, scientists and researchers have no evidence that it prevents it.

Drinking methanol, ethanol or bleach doesn't averts COVID 19

In as much as methanol, ethanol or bleach are sometimes used to kill COVID 19 on surfaces, they should never be drunk. Do not under any situation infuse any form of disinfectant into your body or your skin, they are very strong substances and can cause harm to your internal organs and damage your eyes and skin. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), these substances are poisonous and can lead to disability and even death.

Misinforming the general public is the main reason why some people are so terrified of the virus. When they try these options after noticing some symptoms and they do not work, the frustration can even kill them. To prevent the virus, try as much as possible to follow all protective protocols such as washing your hands with soap under running water, using face masks and hand sanitizers when going out and also maintaining the two meter gap when with other people. Remember, most people affected with COVID 19 recover and go back to their normal lives. There is no cause for fear and panic, follow the protocols, eat healthy and you will be safe.


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