Prayers Cannot Bring Financial Breakthrough To Christians Except Taking Risk-Rev. Dr.Owusu Prempeh

Dr. Nanayaa Owusu Prempeh Dr. Nanayaa Owusu Prempeh

Christians, have been called upon to move away from just praying, to taking action if they want to see financial breakthrough in their lives.

Additionally, they have been urged to venture to take risk, which will results in financial independence, rather than just always praying .

Speaking in Accra during a workshop, the Executive Director of the Spirit , Soul and Body Workshop, Rev. Dr. Nana Yaa Owusu- Prempeh, said it is about time Christians see financial empowerment in their lives.

In order to achieve this financial breakthrough, she said there is always the need to take the needed steps towards how to make money.

"As Christians we cannot just be praying and expect to see manna fall from heaven. You need to make the move towards where the money is being made", she underscored.

Dr. Owusu Prempeh, who was speaking under the theme: Financial Literacy (Make Money The Best Way In 2021), used the occasion to introduce the gathering to an online investment scheme called Epic Opportunity.

The nature of the online business is such that an applicant who registers need to get three other people to register upon the person's recommendation which then opens up the applicant's chances of winning free cash which will be paid electronically.

It also involves investing with some small amount and as many people who get registered under your investment line you make money.

In view of this, Dr. Owusu-Prempeh, urged all Christians to take advantage of people on their contacts list to get registered and start making money.

"You could have a tall list of contacts but it will take a few to get registered so don't be discouraged ", she alluded to.

Ghana , according to her, is tired of poor people and the dependency syndrome where others are expecting to be fed by others, arguing that the way to change that cycle is registering with the online scheme.

"To be 18 years , you don't have to depend on anyone in Ghana. Having Education is not enough in the Ghanaian space but rather making money will complement your education ", she told the gathering.

The Chief Executive Officer for 5D's company, Dr. Edward Cudjoe, who gave an insight into how the online investment is done, noted that the nature of the online business requires the ability to manage demand and supply.

He therefore called on the Christian community and Ghanaians in general to take advantage of the services he renders at his investment academy in order to benefit from the online business called Epic Opportunity.

Although, being the Eastern regional director for the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Dr. Cudjoe, indicated his willingness to resign due to the thousands of dollars his is making from this online business investment.

"I am worried about University graduates who are looking for work and come to my office with CVs. In fact I can just stop them from looking for work and just show them how to make money ", he boasted.

Source: Patrick Biddah/