Pregnant Goat Bribe Taking State’s Attorney

Pregnant Goat Bribe Taking State’s Attorney Pregnant Goat Bribe Taking State’s Attorney

….AG Drags Feet

By Haruna SumailaAbugri

Sniffing nostrils of this outlet, has stumbled upon and firmly embroiled a syphoned information that indicates that, the judicial investigative committee setup by the Attorney General Department to look into the conduct of a senior state’s lawyer allegedly caught on camera taking goodies,  including a Third-Trimester heavily pregnant goat to free a crime suspect in the Upper East region, has concluded its work.

Emmanuel Otto-Boison, a senior state’s Attorney stationed in the Upper East Regional capital Bolgatanga, was caught by EIB’s investigative journalist, Edward Adeti in an investigative documentary peice.

The state’s Attorney was allegedly captured on camera receiving money and a pregnant goat in the famous investigative documentary titled “cash for justice”.

The senior state’s lawyer, whose mandate mainly includes representing the state in legal proceedings as well as offering legal advice on state cases, allegedly took an amount of money plus a pregnant goat and freed a suspect who was standing trial for rapinga teacher at her home and robbing her of some valuables in Bolgatanga.

In the said investigative video documentary, a supposed relative of the suspect who was on remand at the Navrongo prisons is seen offering money and a pregnant goat to Mr. Boison on separate days at Mr. Boison’s residence after series of negotiations albeit undercover.

Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Madam Gloria Akuffo, late last year interdicted the embattled state’s lawyer after the evidence punching documentary was premiered on GHONE Television.  A committee was subsequently inaugurated by the Attorney General early this year to investigate the conduct of the state’s lawyerand present its findings within a month.

This paper is learning that the committee, made up of learned lawyers, including some adjudicators of the nation’s apex’s Court, has brought its work to an end.

Per the timelineallocated to the committee prior to its enactment, the Attorney General might be far behind time in telling the nation what has come of the committee’s work. Interestingly, weeks after the committee brought its task to a conclusion, Madam Gloria Akuffu, told upper East correspondent that “you know, I don’t run commentaries when investigations are ongoing”. She will also not comment further. She continued “have you spoken to the people who brought up the matter to the office? Speak to them”.  Strangely, Madam Gloria Akuffo, who composed the judiciary investigative committee is seen to be running away from speaking on matters relating to the committee but is ironically directing reporters to speak to a petitioner who has absolutely no power to speak on the issue.

Unknown to her, this paper’s trustworthy sources disclosed that the committee has brought its task to an end and that barring any last minutes changes, the nation will be told of Mr. Boison’s fate.

The embattled state employed lawyer was capturedon-camera passionately negotiating with the invented relative of the suspect for money to buy air ticket for a course he was allegedly bailed to undertake in London.

The ‘powerful’state’s lawyer was clearly and loudly captured in the documentary coaching the supposed relative of the suspect on how the suspect could avoid an INTERPOL arrest.

A deep loud outcry of Chains of allegations of barter table-top exchange of justice for goodies leveled against Mr Emmanuel Boison by some residents of the Upper East Region in a high-rocking manner, went unabated. Mr Boison is alleged to have aided crime suspects who are financial positioned to buy justice thus outweighing the powers of the law.

Numerous allegations of injustices perpetuated by Mr Boison and some other top state security gang shuddered the region as many unzipped anger in a thunder and lightning-like volumes albeit powerless and defenseless.

Many are keenly awaiting the outcome of the committee’s investigations.

A subsequent text message sent to the minister for Justice and Attorney General, Gloria Akuffo went unanswered.

Mr. Boison, late last year fled the Upper East Region undercover when a trailer of the investigative piece went viral prior to the airing of the documentary and has since not been seen in the region.

Meanwhile, many are calling on the Attorney General to ensure that justice is thoroughly served to deter others.This paper understands that justice indeed bled under Mr. Boison’s watch!

Mr Boison, was allegedly caught sometime back in a similar fashion by Anas Aremeyaw Anas of Tiger Eye PI, but wasallegedly set free due to his alleged political links within the then John Kuffour’s administration.

This time, under the political watch of another lawyer [human right lawyer]. Will he, this time round go unpunished?

Interestingly, even before the Attorney general pronounces the outcome of the judicial investigative committee’s work albeit tardy, this paper can report that Mr. Boison and his gang of wishers are jubilating of having been cleared of any wrong doing, thus sparking a tongue wagging anger as most people in the Upper East Region rhetorically ask if justice is paid with injustice.

This paper’s investigations uncovered that the embattled state lawyer is one of the bank rollers of the ruling New Patriotic Party in the Awutu Senya Constituency of the Central region.

More soon!