The Normalisation Of Rape Can Not Be Normal

The Normalisation Of Rape Can Not Be Normal The Normalisation Of Rape Can Not Be Normal

According to the criminal code 1960(Act 29), Chapter 6 - Sexual Offence.

Section 97- Rape.

"Whoever commits rape shall be guilty of a first degree felony and shall be liable on conviction and imprisonment for a term of not less than five (5) years." Again, Section 98, Define rape as the carnal knowledge of a female of sixteen years or above without her consent.

Why would you want to have sexual intercourse without consent in the first place? If this person is not interested why would you want to have sex with her? Always remember the main word is Consent.

No man has the right to a woman’s body unless she agrees.

People keep talking about the fact that ladies do not dress well and are mostly half naked. I want these people to know that the mindset of men is to be changed. These men are to be educated about the fundamental human rights of every individual to life and freedom of expression which includes dressing.

The recent event in our neighboring country Nigeria called for concern.

There was a widespread outrage in Nigeria following the murder of a 22year old university student in a church where she was studying in the Southern city of Benin.

The psychological effect of such an act cannot be over emphasized. The victim is likely to live with such trauma with the rest of her life if proper guidance and counseling is not administered. In addition, the victim is also likely not to love and be loved because of what she might have gone through. Which affect the well-being of the victim both immediate and long term.

In the case of Ghana, the legal framework to with issues of rape is in place (Section 97 of the criminal code 1960). But the enforcement of the law to deal with the perpetrators is lacking.

I think the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service should be given the needed prosecutorial powers to help expedite such cases in our law courts.

Until such enforcement is in place to punish offenders and to serves as a deterrent to others. Who may consider such an act normal in our communities?


A level 300 student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism.