Adina Reveals How She Manages To Stay Out Of Trouble

Adina, Ghanaian singer and songwriter Adina, Ghanaian singer and songwriter

Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Adina has explained how she manages to stay an unproblematic artiste in the country.

According to her, the main focus is to do music with her team also putting her in check. "They ensure that I do not get myself into any form of trouble that'll distract me."

She told Kojo Manuel on Y 107. 9 FM's Dryve of Your Lyfe Show, "I've got a solid team that treats me nicely. They make sure the ugly side of me does not come out and I'm grateful to them for that."

She stated that as an artiste, she believes she has the mandate to entertain and give her fans amazing music and not to cause controversy.

"So the main focus is to do music and when we are doing other things, we do not focus and put the camera on the other unnecessary stuff. Believe me, there's a real-world out there. The hard and crazy stuff but I just want you guys to enjoy this side of me. Perhaps if it is time to show the crazy side I will, but for now let's just enjoy the music," she emphasized.