Are you under some sort of pressure? – Delay questions Wendy Shay’s sudden fierce look

Ghanaian Female Singer, Wendy Shay Ghanaian Female Singer, Wendy Shay

Media personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as 'Delay' has questioned Wendy Shay's recent look. According to Delay, it is a bit weird and strange that suddenly, the Ruftown Records Artist has adopted a rather feisty look, which she reckons does not appeal to her personality.

Assessing the singer during one of the segments on her show, Delay revealed that the singer has resorted to wearing extremely long 'foot-length' braids, more piercings at different parts of her body as well as decorating herself with multiple chains.

"Wendy Shay is my very own sister. We both come from the same place but lately, her dressing seems very weird to me. She's got a lot of piercings and her style of dressing has become very strange these days. I think she is going through something. Wendy is going through some challenges. I think she is pressurized. I think someone or something is bothering her," Delay affirmed.

Meanwhile, the "Shay on You" crooner has in recent times come under several criticisms over her fashion choices, especially to events.

Wendy's looks are mostly daring and as such has transformed her brand into one of the most recognizable ones in the country currently.