Azigiza Jnr.’s wife weeps

Gertude Edith Addo wife of Azigiza Jnr Gertude Edith Addo wife of Azigiza Jnr

"Oh, no!" screamed Gertrude Edith Addo, wife of Reverend Victor Kpakpo Addo (Azigiza Jnr.) in reaction to news that the couple had been offered an opportunity to renew their vows having had eighteen years of successful marriage.

"Marriage is something that we all need to respect and appreciate. The two of you have done so well over the years. We normally don't get to do this. It's very rare to have Restoration do this. But for the second time, we're giving you the opportunity to renew your vows," Stacy Amoateng, host of Restoration proclaimed.

Both Edith and Azigiza seemed shocked to the marrow. A vociferous Azigiza at this moment had been rendered speechless. He could be seen perspiring profusely to the extent that his weighty white handkerchief was not enough to wipe away the sweat. He dropped the handkerchief, grabbed his outfit and begun fanning himself with it – for the news was too hot to bear.

All these while, his wife was teary and overwhelmed with joy.

"I will not cry," said Azigiza who seemed to have found his voice. "I'm not crying… my wife is crying."

For Edith, the sponsored event for the renewal of vows adds to the dose of surprises she's had to swallow in the last couple of days.

With a quivering voice, she remarked, "Just last week, there was a big surprise. And this Saturday too, another surprise…"

On August 1, 2015, actor Majid Michel and his wife renewed their vows. The host of 'Restoration With Stacy' promised the couple an all-expenses-paid event when the actor appeared on the show.

Azigiza and his wife celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary in June and are expected to crown it with the renewal of vows on a preferred date.

Before their marriage, Edith was a matchmaker [betweener] for Azigiza and another lady.

Azigiza was one of the popular DJs in the 90s. Azigiza was adjudged the Best West African DJ and Best African DJ in 1993.

He started his DJ career in 1991 on radio as a presenter and DJ. He hosted programmes such as Joy FM's Joy Beach Jam, Guinness Music for Your Dancing Feet on GTV, Video Vibes and The Azigiza Show.

He was the resident DJ for most of the big nightclubs in Accra like Miracle Mirage, the Golden Egg and Glenns. He abandoned his DJ profession in 1998 when he became a born-again Christian, and that was when his transformation started. He enrolled in some Bible schools and has since become a minister of the gospel.