Baby Mama Of Popular Ghanaian Footballer Speaks Out

Edith Obenewaa, Trader Edith Obenewaa, Trader

Trader, Edith Obenewaa has revealed how shattered she felt after her relationship with her baby daddy ended.

Edith, who owns a cosmetic shop disclosed that she works to take care of her child, and does not mind if the baby daddy caters for the child or not.

Speaking with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Obenewaa's response to how she felt after the breakup implied that she felt broken.

"It will break you, every single mother will testify that. It's not easy at all but if you are strong you can overcome it," she said.

Edith further stated that her baby daddy asked her to abort it, adding that he is currently out of the country.

"He is a footballer but he is currently out of the country. He used to play for a club in the Premier League locally," Edith revealed.

Source: SVTV Africa