Be Bold Enough To Tell Your Partner If You’re Polygamous – Mrs. Okyeame

Mrs. Annica Nsiah-Apau, wife of Okyeame Kwame Mrs. Annica Nsiah-Apau, wife of Okyeame Kwame

Ghanaian entrepreneur, Business, Brand Development Manager and wife of Okyeame Kwame, Mrs. Annica Nsiah-Apau, has urged men, especially, to be bold enough to have that discussion with their partner about their polygamous lifestyle, if it is something that they cannot change.

Interviewed by host, Brown Berry on YFM's Ryse n Shyne, Annica declared that if any man chooses to hide his polygamous lifestyle from a partner that he has vowed to be with till death because he is scared to tell her, then it means he does not love her enough.

She divulged that "Even before you get to the stage of marriage, you're supposed to have this discussion about whether or not you're polygamous because there are people even here in Ghana who marry three or four and their spouses agree so if you marry someone and you say that it's just the two of you but later break that, then there's a problem".

She counselled that if a man knows that he cannot stick to one woman even after marrying her, then he must talk to her about it so that if she agrees with him having other spouses, then there will be no problems or secrets between them since multiple customary marriage is allowed.

She again notified that once there is that understanding in a relationship, then trust is easily built and in turn, couples would not need to 'police' each other. In her opinion, 'policing' is not the right thing to do because it is depressing and draining, hence couples need to learn to take each other's word for it.

Source: eTV