Benefits of sex that you did not know

Benefits of sex that you did not know Benefits of sex that you did not know

Sex coach, Dzifa Sweetness, has educated that sexual intercourse is not only beneficial for reproduction or pleasure but has a lot of side benefits that we do not realize.

In an interview on eTV Ghana’s adult show, In Bed with Adwen, with Ghana’s greatest love Doctor, Adwen, she noted that sex is precious to women and that is why respectable women only allow sex with people they love, and some tend to say that they have been used when the man leaves after having sex.

She went on to share some other benefits of sexual intercourse saying, “Sex can solve problems in the home. There are women who no matter what emotional trauma or problems they are going through, once you give them sex, they are able to relax their brains”.

Dzifa furthered that putting that aside, having sex is also very important for one’s health.

“Health-wise, sex is very good. It makes you look very fit and young. Me for instance, I have sex every day and that is why I still look very young but if you know my age, you’ll know I’m older than my looks”, she said.

According to the sex coach, women value sex very much and are particular about how they give themselves to, hence, men should make it a point to treat the private part as pricelessly as women deem it.