Dr Cryme speaks on his memorable night with his crush

Darlington Kwasi Agyekum, popularly known as Dr Cryme Darlington Kwasi Agyekum, popularly known as Dr Cryme

Ghanaian musician, Darlington Kwasi Agyekum, popularly known as Dr Cryme, has recounted his most memorable night.

While speaking on Den Tinz Some's "A Night To Remember" segment, Dr Cryme revealed that his memorable night was the one he got to spend with his crush.

Dr Cryme revealed that the incident happened during the days when his 'Kill Me Shy' song had gone viral in the country and he was playing many shows as a result.

He indicated that while on a very successful tour, he was doing some giveaways of CDs and T-Shirts.

The singer added that even though he did not have enough money, there was enough on him to blow and throw into the crowd.

According to him, while basking in his success, he got a tap on his back only to turn to see that it was a lady he used to fantasize about.

He went on that he left the show and decided to have a good time with the lady.

From watching TV, having dinner, chatting and kissing, Dr Cryme and his crush went on to spend the night together.

He revealed that he slept so well that night that he was only awoken by the crow of a cock in the area.

Source: Zionfelix