Every Artiste Should Do This If They Want To Stay Relevant In The Industry

Luciya, Ghanaian Highlife artiste Luciya, Ghanaian Highlife artiste

Ghanaian Highlife artiste, Luciya has highlighted certain measures artistes can put in place in order for them to continuously be relevant in the music industry.

According to her, these are some activities she learnt from contemporary Highlife artiste Nana Fyn.

She shared that as a musician, she has learnt that being disciplined is very important and takes you places.

In an interview with Doctar Cann on Happy 98.9 FM's Ayekoo After Drive Show she shared, "Being disciplined takes you places but unfortunately, most musicians are not disciplined. Especially with their timing".

Per her observation, a lot of artistes are unable to respect time and the few who do are very punctual.

Comparing old artistes to today's crop of artistes, she said, "The old musicians in the game do well with their timing than the upcoming artistes and we should work on this."

She noted that their level of discipline started with them and they kept practising it until today thus, "You can't even compare their timing to ours cos they are way ahead of us".

Luciya urged her fellow musicians to respect the elders in the game.

"One time I heard one of the older artistes emphasizing that a lot of upcoming artistes do not respect and regard the older artistes as expected and that is very bad," she explained.

She believes that as upcoming artistes, they should rather learn from those they came to meet in the industry rather than disrespect them.

"The young ones now feel like they are the industry makers so they don't respect the elders but it should not be the case. Some go as far as ignoring them in public which isn't fair. It does not show respect," she said.

Luciya advised her fellow artistes by saying, "The musical journey is a long one and if you want to stay for long and be relevant, then stay disciplined and always respect everyone in the industry whether old or young."

Source: eTV