I Bought Medicines Worth More Than $800 For Daddy Lumba When He Was Sick – Aisha Modi

Daddy Lumba, Aisha Modi and Obrafour Daddy Lumba, Aisha Modi and Obrafour

Entertainment fanatic and investor, Aisha Modi, has revealed that her benevolence in the Ghanaian music space can never be overemphasized, adding that her charity works cuts across different genres.

Recently she revealed the enormous financial investments she made in the career of Obrafuor, whom she has since fallen out with after describing the musician as ungrateful.

In the latest of what she describes as benevolent acts, Aisha Modi says she spent over $800 on medicines to support Daddy Lumba's ailing health.

According to the Stonebwoy fanatic, she spent a lot just to help Lumba recover from his severe health condition at that time.

Her statement comes after the Obrafuor issued a writ of summons demanding that she should retract and apologize for claiming that she invested close to $45,000 in his 'Kasiebo' song.

Aisha upon chancing on the lawsuit, labelled the 'rap sofo' ungrateful, saying the rapper took advantage of her kindness at that time, something which according to her, Daddy Lumba never did.

"When Daddy Lumba fell sick I bought medicines that cost more than $800 for him. You are not the only one I have helped before but you are the most ungrateful amongst them. You cannot even appreciate what I've done for you but rather you are going about spreading lies," she said.

She also claimed to have paid for Obrafuor's hospital expenses when he suffered a stroke some years back.

"At a time you were suffering from a stroke and your face became very crooked, your wife couldn't even afford a single medicine. I spent money to take care of your medicines and hospital bills," she added.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Source: ghanaweb.com