Kwaw Kese Discloses Why He Went Mute On Social Media

Ghanaian hiplife artiste, kwaw kese Ghanaian hiplife artiste, kwaw kese

Ghanaian hiplife artiste, Kwaw Kese has revealed why for a while back he was not being seen or heard on his social media pages.

According to him, he was calm on social media because, "Whenever I come on social media I always go hard and it's all about the improvement of our dear nation Ghana".

In an interview with Rev Erskine on Y107.9 FM's Myd Morning Radio Show he said, "I've been doing that for a while now but I feel the youth weren't pushing hard enough and It's not a one man affair, I can't be talking all the time when we're not taking the steps together to make things work".

Kwaw believes together, we can all make things work and when we all believe in one dream and have a particular focus we are all putting our minds to, it will be easy to build the country.

He said, "Everybody can attest to the fact that Ghana is not the way we all want it to be. We want it better but people are scared to talk about it and I can't the only one talking about it all the time when we're not ready to take any steps to make it happen".

He highlighted that, his only wish is for people to join the force so, "together we can all push this agenda so our leaders and government will know that things are not going well for us in the country".

Citing an example he mentioned, "Basic things like water we're not getting. I haven't gotten water in my house since I got back to Ghana I have to buy water always. I only saw the tap running yesterday meanwhile, every month the bill comes through so how do they calculate the bills" he asked?

Kwaw Kese emphasized that, a lot of work still has to be done.

The hiplife artiste is however out with a new single and he calls it 'Bumbum' he urged his fans and listeners to stream the song and share it.

Source: eTV