Meet Danish Musician, Tarick Who Wants To Change The World With His Music

Danish Afrobeats star, Tarick Danish Afrobeats star, Tarick

By: Rebecca Tweneboah Darko

Danish Afrobeats star, Tarick has echoed the need for African musicians to use their music to effect change in society.

Speaking to JoyNews' Becky, the musician says his goal is to create songs that will address social issues and effect positive change.

"My goal is to reach a position where I can influence people of power to do certain things. For example Akon is changing lives with his craft and I will also love to get to that position, but with the help of other influential people," he said on E Vibes.

The end game is to actually make a change together with people with the same aim, he added.

The Afrobeat sensation released visuals for his song 'Madafu' and its currently receiving massive airplay across the globe.

The 24-year-old is an honest and reflective artist with meaningful lyrics and astonishing flows.

His sound is particularly inspired by the love for his home country, Tanzania, which is heard in his rhythm and melodies.

It is rooted in Afrobeats, and with inspiration from modern Trap and R&B genres.

Whether it's an organic production or melodic Trap beats, Tarick's voice fulfills any composition.

His lyrical universe deals with topics such as love, society and emotion, and reflects life as a young, hopeless romantic.

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