My Mental Health Is At Stake – Efia Odo Takes Break From #Fixthecountry Crusade

Social activist Efia Odo Social activist Efia Odo

Social activist Efia Odo has announced that she is taking a break from social media and her role as a crusader. According to her, she is turning into something she is not.

Efia Odo revelated her intentions in an Instagram post on her official page. She wrote, "I will like to take this time to let you all know that I'm going on a hiatus. My mental health is at stake at the moment. My love for this country and humanity has turned into something else I am not, political. I am of peace and equality. My heart and intentions are as pure as gold. Things are too heavy for me right now. Take care."

The actress has been at the heart of the #Fixthecoutry camping since its inception. Efia Odo has advocated both on social media and the streets. She was also arrested for holding an unlawful protest outside the courthouse.

Today, she has publicly declared a hiatus to reorient herself and nurse her mental health. We wish her all the best in her decision.