Prove your love to your children, give Joyce Blessing the passwords – Socrates Sarfo to Dave Joy

Renowned movie producer, Socrates Sarfo Renowned movie producer, Socrates Sarfo

Renowned movie producer Socrates Sarfo has sent a few words of wisdom to the estranged husband of Joyce Blessing, Dave Joy, over his insistence on keeping Joyce Blessing's official social media passwords.

Following their breakup, news was rife that Dave Joy had confiscated Joyce Blessing's social media accounts and log-in data, hence calling for a meeting to resolve the conflict. During the meeting, it was agreed that Dave Joy will hand over the handles to Joyce Blessing and she, in turn, will allow her husband access to their children.

But speaking in an interview with Ola Michael on Peace FM's "Entertainment Review", Dave Joy revealed that he has personally not handed over Joyce Blessing's social media log-ins because she has denied him access to his children.

"I have her Instagram account. She should allow me to see my children. She's even sent me to court... I've told her to grant me access to my children but she says she's not ready... I haven't granted her access to her Instagram because she hasn't given me access to my children and my things in the house. If she's ready today to grant me access to meet my children, I will also hand over her Instagram to her," he told Ola Michael, host of the Entertainment Review Show.

However, Socrates Sarfo made the passionate appeal to him to, for the sake of his children, hand over the details of her social media to her.

According to Socrates, no matter where the children go, they will always know he is their father. He advised Dave Joy that if his ex-wife who has custody of their children makes money through her social media, it is the children who will benefit, and so he should consider those same children he wants to have access to and give Joyce Blessing her account details.

"For there to be peace, please start giving Joyce her passwords. As for the children no matter where they go, they know you are their father. When they are 18, they will have their freedom to come to their father, no one can stop them then. So, Dave, I beg you, it is for the welfare of the children, the children are going through pain, it is their future we are playing with, all this back and forth on social media, they will grow up and come and read it. I beg you, these things torment children, so please, whatever it is, give Joyce the password. If she has custody of the children and she is making money from her social media, she will use it to cater for the children, so please for the love of the children, give her back the password," Socrates pleaded.