Something Must Kill A Man: Labadi Beach Hotel General Manager Lauds Latif Abubakar For Great Opening

Rene Vincent-Ernst, GM of the Labadi Beach Hotel Rene Vincent-Ernst, GM of the Labadi Beach Hotel

The General Manager of the Labadi Beach Hotel, Rene Vincent-Ernst, has expressed excitement at the great attendance recorded on the opening day of Latif Abubakar's 'Something must kill a man' play.

The play, which was heavily promoted by Joy Entertainment, saw the venue packed with personalities from all walks of life.

Rene told Joy Entertainment after the play that when Latif discussed the idea with him, it took very little time to know the play was the way forward.

He also said the partnership will continue for years to come, adding a huge appreciation for the turnout on a rainy Thursday and the professionalism and messages of the actors that engaged all senses.

"It was something Labadi Beach had to be part of being an indigenous institution that really believes in the talent of Ghanaians. So we are happy about the personalities who came through on the opening day," he said.

Asked about his favourite character in the play, he said it was difficult to choose as all the characterised were extraordinarily good.

"The lesson learnt today is the importance of teamwork. That is very important, and considering today's world, where we have to deal with a pandemic, one person cannot do it all.

"It has to be done as a team; the takeaway was teamwork through communication and humour," he told Joy Entertainment.

The General Manager also assured him that he will bring his management to watch the play and learn more from teambuilding.

Tickets are still selling at the front desk of Joy FM, Airport shell, Koala, Batsoona Total.

Source: Doreen Avio